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Instead of getting one of those shitty little plastic self defense cat keychains, get one of these. It’s made of metal and can do a lot more damage, will not break or bend or snap like the plastic ones will, and lasts longer. its a hefty weight in your hands and makes you feel a lot safer. be safe, ladies.

where you can get them

Will fucking do.

I need to say though that I showed a police acquaintance of mine my plastic one and he said it’s considered a concealed weapon and were you to use it, could also get you in trouble with the law, EVEN if it were in pure self defense.

They said because that’s you anticipating assault and the use of a weapon, or something along those lines. They also said that if you honestly had to use it for protection and get caught and questioned about the keychain, to say someone gave it to you and you just thought it was just a keychain, that you used what you had readily available to you for your defense. When I see them again I’ll get more info.

Another important thing to note is that these are illegal in California, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, and DC.

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